Winner of the 2017 Global Teacher Award


The Global Teacher Prize is an award that was set up in order to recognise the excellent achievements of teachers and the huge impact they have in society. The most recent winner of the award, Maggie MacDonnell, has not only demonstrated an ability to teach, but also an extraordinary ability to change a damaged community that so many people were too afraid to confront. Her courage, determination and general compassion for others has guided the Inuit village of Salluit out of an extremely dark place. Through multiple community projects and continuous educational and emotional support, Maggie has truly expanded the role of a teacher, and she herself has become a pillar of a very thankful community.

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North Yorkshire Teaching Awards- A Huge Success!


The first ever North Yorkshire Secondary School Teaching Awards were held on Thursday 29th June at the beautiful Rudding Park in Harrogate.

The event was a huge success. Teachers joined us in abundance to enjoy the drinks reception and subsequent award ceremony.

 The Awards were initially established by the NY Secondary Improvement Board to recognise and celebrate outstanding and inspirational teaching practice made by teachers in North Yorkshire. They provided NY Schools with an opportunity to showcase their teachers and give them the appreciation and recognition they deserve.

Amongst those who attended were Pete Dwyer, NYCC’s Director for Children and Young People’s Service, Paul Brennan, Assistant Director Education and Skills, members of the Secondary Improvement Board and our special guest, Danielle Brown.

Danielle, aged just 29, is a competitive archer who has represented team GB in the Paralympic games. Danielle achieved a Gold medal at the Paralympic games in Beijing 2008 and won her successive gold medal during London 2012.

Danielle thoroughly enjoyed attending the awards and was immensely inspired by the hard work and dedication of our teachers and support staff.

Overall, a fantastic evening full of recognition and praise for the outstanding teachers of North Yorkshire.


More teachers are joining than leaving the profession, but will it be enough to meet demand?

The number of teachers has continued to grow this year and has done at a steady rate since 2010.

But is it growing fast enough?


As pupil numbers are expected to rise, demand for teachers is likely to increase, particularly in secondary schools.


Read more about whether we are meeting this growing demand here:


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