Sherburn High School achieves “good” in latest Ofsted inspection


sherburn high schoolSherburn High School, a comprehensive school located in Selby, North Yorkshire, achieved “good” in their latest Ofsted inspection which took place in April this year.

The school recently has engaged with the Secondary School Recruitment Project over the past 18 months to gain support with writing adverts which in turn aided them to recruit talented Maths teachers during 2016.  This has ultimately helped them towards their Ofsted outcome of “Good” with comments on the report specifically about Maths teaching.

The report said “The local authority has provided effective support for the school since the last inspection. The headteacher has welcomed the opportunity to engage in a range of external reviews and has used the recommendations to inform the school’s next steps to further improvement.”

In relation to Maths teaching, the report contained many positive comments including:

“Pupils make very good progress in mathematics as a result of consistently strong teaching.”

“Teaching in mathematics is particularly strong because the school has been successful in retaining a team of specialist teachers who are keen to learn from each other.”

“Progress in mathematics in 2016 was particularly positive. Pupils made significantly better progress than other pupils nationally with similar starting points.”

Given that the school was rated as “Requires Improvement” in their previous inspection, this is a huge success story for everyone involved.

If you would like to know more about the support available to you through the School Recruitment project and how we can help your school please contact Lauren Mosley, Resourcing Solutions, on 01609 533113 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What attracts and challenges our local teachers?

teach 1820041 1920We recently asked a series of English and Maths teachers from the local area what attracted them to the profession together with what they found most challenging about the profession.

Overwhelmingly, teachers were attracted to the profession because they enjoy working with young people, are able to make a difference and have a genuine passion for the subject area.

Teachers told us that it was both the reputation and location of their current school which attracted them to work there and were less interested in money and benefits.

Listed amongst the biggest challenges teachers face were high workload, lack of work life balance and performance monitoring.

The rationale behind collecting the data was to inform how we as a county can improve the attraction and retention of our teachers. Here in North Yorkshire we are aware of key issues and are pro-actively trying to support our teachers with these.

We have a Secondary Improvement Board which recognises some of the biggest challenges that teachers face and as such has commissioned a Teacher Recruitment and Retention Project. This project provides dedicated support to our schools in order to raise awareness of valuing staff which in turn will help to aid retention.

For more information about the project please contact Lauren Mosley, Resourcing Solutions on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

North Yorkshire in top tier for student success

Following the introduction of a new set of accountability measures, government figures published today show that students in North Yorkshire schools have again performed highly in GCSE and A level examinations, with North Yorkshire being in the top 10 per cent of councils for high academic success at A-level.

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