Coast and Moors

The Coast

Coastal schools are based in the towns of Scarborough, Whitby and Filey.  Scarborough is the largest coastal town and it is currently facing a revival with the introduction of new industries such as renewable energy projects and York Potash plus the new Coventry University campus being based in the town, opening September 2016. Scarborough originally relied on traditional industries which have declined in recent years and this has impacted on education, with some of the towns schools face significant on-going trials to achieve; providing teaching roles where you can really embrace your skills to support young people to exceed their expectations and raise aspirations for emerging new opportunities.  The schools in the area seek to work collaboratively, developing and implementing innovative approaches to raise attainment such as employing Specialist Lead Practitioners who work across multiple schools.  Projects such as these provide the chance for ambitious and aspirational teachers to progress future careers in specialist roles. 



  The challenges are large but the reward of success and achievement is even larger.

“I enjoy teaching in North Yorkshire because I can use the local environment within my teaching, incorporating landscape, history and other areas into my classroom”  Primary Teacher, Barrowcliff Primary School

The Moors

The North York Moors are recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and stretch across a large geographic area that is predominantly rural.  Schools in these areas are usually smaller than average and mostly serve rural communities with traditional country values.  This brings a unique set of challenges and requires innovative thinking towards new and different ways of working; supporting schools to take new approaches and work creatively due to smaller number on roll.  In most of these schools including the Secondary’s, you will get to know nearly all of the students.

The schools may be small but they strive to achieve the best education for their students. 

“North Yorkshire offers the opportunity to enjoy the countryside and the community spirit that can be found right across the County”  Teacher, Thornton Dale Primary School

The Scarborough Pledge; Commitment to the coast

Recognition of the need for real change has galvanized a strong partnership with a strategic focus on making real and targeted improvement to the lives and learning outcomes for children and young people who live and learn on the North Yorkshire coast. Amongst the partners are schools, colleges, post-16 providers, North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership (NYBEP), local employers and businesses, the Stephen Joseph Theatre and other creative and heritage organisations.  Both Scarborough District Council and North Yorkshire County Council are also fully involved. The Chief Executive of North Yorkshire, Richard Flinton, actively endorses and supports the Pledge. Key representatives from stakeholders came together in 2015 to agree on the challenges the area faces and on plans for improving the lives of children and young people in the area. There is clear understanding from these organisations that to improve the educational outcomes, there is a wider need for change. The agreed strategic approach to improvement has resulted in the Scarborough Pledge, which is dedicated to having a positive impact on the life chances for children and young people in the area, and empowering them to achieve the best for their futures.

The Scarborough Pledge has identified a number of key priorities which are being addressed through project based initiatives and supported by significant funding form North Yorkshire County Council. These include an emphasis on speech and language acquisition in the youngest of children,  additional literacy support for teachers across all phases, supporting parents to help their children to get the most from their learning and a project to broaden the horizons of young people by improving access to experiences outside the classroom, including access to a range of workplaces for young people. Central to the Pledge is the need to recruit and retain good teachers into our coastal schools by ensuring those wishing to start or develop their career in this area understand and appreciate the positive challenge, the reward and the support they will receive.

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