Experienced Teachers

Due to the size of the County, a wide range of roles are available for those wishing to progress their career, or work in a different type of school environment.

You may be seeking a role where you can really test your skills to deliver high quality teaching and learning in an exceptionally high performing school where students have big aspirations, alternatively you may be ready to rise to the challenge of a role which requires innovation and creative approaches to inspire students to seek to achieve their ambitions. North Yorkshire can provide these challenges through the range of establishments; Grammar Schools, mainstream Secondary’s, Academies, Federations, a Girls School and a Boys School.

"Wonderful people creating a strong and inclusive sense of community in a beautiful setting; after 28 years working in a variety of schools across the Midlands and North of England, I would say that the only downside to working at Settle College is knowing that my life as a teacher will never be better than it is now, this IS as good as it gets" S Wiggans, Teacher, Settle College

“I have taught (at this school) for many years and the interaction between staff and students is one of the key factors in job satisfaction” Geography Teacher, Boroughbridge High School 

Our schools are committed to providing Leadership Development pathways for experienced teachers who would like to progress into a leadership role, ensuring that you will gain support and encouragement to develop the necessary skills and make the next step towards leadership.

"Teachers have good subject knowledge and set tasks which motivate students as well as preparing them for examinations. There are examples of outstanding teaching in art and drama" Ofsted, October 2014

"Teaching is characterised by high-quality, warm relationships between students and staff; teachers’ strong subject knowledge and passion for teaching; a fast pace; and high levels of challenge." Ofsted, February 2012

Returning to Teaching?

If you are a qualified teacher who left the classroom to bring up a family or explore a different career, you may be considering returning but feel you need some help.  The DfE funded Return to Teaching pilot may be the answer.  Groups of schools are offering a free package of bespoke support which could include subject knowledge and classroom training, behaviour management advice, a guide to assessment frameworks and current initiatives as well as one to one mentoring.  Applications have recently closed for individuals who would like to return in 2016 and will re-open later in the year for 2017 returners   For more information visit www.education.gov.uk/returners or call 0800 085 0971.

Returning to Teaching in the UK after a period of living/working abroad?

We have set up some Frequently Asked Questions for people who trained as a Teacher in the UK and have subsequently lived/taught abroad and are now in a position where they wish to return. 

docxdocxFrequently Asked Questions