Leadership Roles

All schools require strong leadership to develop and maintain standards and achievement. North Yorkshire Schools have been praised by Ofsted who have recognised effective leadership and we know that this is critical to our schools success.

“The school is well led by a determined and resilient senior leadership team and a strong governing body.” Ofsted, November 2016

“The excellent work of school leaders and governors has brought about significantly improved examination results since the previous inspection.” Ofsted, November 2016

“The head teacher and his leadership team are ambitious for students and have ensured that students’ achievement and teaching continue to improve” Ofsted October 2014

The opportunity for promotion is an exciting prospect for existing staff and many of our head teachers were previously class teachers, awarded with Teaching and Learning Responsibilities, or held roles within the wider senior leadership teams or progressed to deputy heads prior to progressing.

If you wish to progress into a leadership role you can be reassured that North Yorkshire Schools will value your skills and input. Newly appointed Head Teachers will receive a full and supportive induction and will be invited to attend network and leadership events to share ideas.  Local Authority advisers can be called on for support in LA maintained schools.

“Staff in other schools are willing to collaborate and support one another” Deputy Head teacher, Overdale

The County faces educational attainment challenges in some geographical locations in specific subject areas. As such there is an emerging focus on developing collaborative roles to lead and teach in specialist subject areas in order to improve attainment across schools. You will find leadership roles providing innovation and collaboarative opportunities across North Yorkshire.

Future Leaders

We are keen to recognise and harness aspiring leaders and several schools utilise the Future Leaders and Talent Leaders programme to develop staff and when seeking new talent for eligible schools.