Case Studies

Lisa Warburton, Head of Department -Computer Science, Rossett School

Lisa is the head of the Computer Science at Rossett School in Harrogate. Lisa trained to be a teacher at Leeds Trinity and has been teaching for a year now.

I love having the opportunity to motivate and enthuse the next generation of computer scientists.”


 What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I enjoy finding creative ways to teach students to understand and solve problems, seeing the students exchanging ideas to grow together and develop new skills is the best form of job satisfaction.

What inspired me to be a teacher is the passion I have for my subject, having worked in industry within my subject area for over 12 years, I felt that I would be able to bring a difficult subject to life sharing real world experiences. I love having the opportunity to motivate and enthuse the next generation of computer scientist preparing them with not only subject knowledge but key skills in order to make them ready to succeed for their chosen journeys outside the classroom.

What do you like most about the school you teach in?

It’s great to work with colleagues and students that care about their school and doing a good job is number one priority.

I enjoy the freedom that the school encourages to explore new ideas and the collaboration between departments to make sure we are giving the students every opportunity to succeed.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about training to be a teacher?

Teaching is a challenging but rewarding career. Be passionate about your subject, be willing to always go the extra mile and be prepared for the best rollercoaster ride that is teaching.

What do you like about North Yorkshire?

Originally from Lancashire I feel the best thing about North Yorkshire is very much like the county offers diverse lifestyles and landscapes, there are also many opportunities to teach in diverse schools that suit a wide range of teachers and teaching styles.