Specialist Roles

North Yorkshire hosts 5 pupil referral units (The Grove, Harrogate being an Academy) and 9 Special Schools.

"I enjoy helping pupils to realise what they are capable of achieving whilst overcoming barriers they may have to learning." Teacher, Scarborough Pupil Referral Unit

These establishments support young people with a range of different needs ranging from learning disabilities and difficulties to behavioural issues.  Supporting these young people and seeing them progress and develop can be incredibly rewarding, however the roles require Teachers with different skills and experiences including an ability to teach one to one and in small groups.  You will also require resilience and the patience to work with young people who may need different approaches to learning and the time to help them understand.

"In Key Stage 4, students benefit from the positive relationships which are established. Students report that the best thing about the centre is the teachers. Students grow in self-confidence and demonstrate that they can manage their behaviour more effectively which encourages them to take a fuller part in their learning, overcome their difficulties and make good progress." Ofsted, March 2014

"I feel lucky to have worked for the last 21 years with pupils who have struggled in mainstream settings; to watch them grow in self-esteem and self-confidence as they experience success through learning is an absolute privilege" Assistant Head teacher, Scarborough Pupil Referral Unit

Each establishment has its own unique atmosphere and ethos, however the common theme is a highly child centred approach to achieving positive outcomes for vulnerable students.  Here are some of the views from students at Sunbeck (Hambleton and Richmondshire PRS) about life in the Pupil Referral Service:

The staff at the PRS treat you as equals”

“We can have our own opinions and thoughts about things without being judged”

“The staff here try their best to help us no matter what”

“They have more time for everybody because the groups are small”

“They care about our health, feelings and emotions as well as our education”.

So, if you feel your skills would be suited to working as a teacher in one of these roles we would love to hear from you.  Please keep an eye on the Vacancies page or alternatively visit the individual Pupil Referral Units websites;

Hambleton and Richmondshire Pupil Referral Unit; http://www.hrprs.co.uk/

Scarborough Pupil Referral Unit; http://scarboroughpru.n-yorks.sch.uk/

Craven Pupil Referral Unit; http://www.cravenprs.org.uk/

Selby Pupil Referral Unit; http://www.therubiconcentre-northyorks.co.uk/

The Grove Academy, Harrogate; http://www.groveacademy.org.uk/

Details of all Special Schools can be found on the North Yorkshire County Council website; http://www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/26374/Browse-school-information-for-your-area